Indians culturally have a habit of not discussing their issues. It is a version of America’s ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy. Even if the husband cheats, the wife would stay with him. Until few years ago, divorces were unheard off. I lived in India for thirty years. Even though I lived in New Delhi, Kolhapur, and Mumbai, I knew one divorced person.

          The 2010 The Telegraph article states that the private detective industry in India has a yearly turnover of Rs. 500 crore i.e. seventy five million USD. Most detectives are asked to investigate matrimony related issues. As most marriages in India are arranged, chances of fraud are high. In the earlier years, parents would investigate the future grooms or bride’s family by inquiring in nearby temples, asking the future grooms or brides relatives or neighbors.

Families hire pre-wedding detectives to snoop on prospective brides and grooms

          But now the pre-marriage frauds are on a rise. As more and more Indians are using matrimonial websites, there is no verification of the information. There have been a lot of fraud cases where the groom claims to be a software engineer, but in reality is a taxi driver. There have been scenarios where the a Non-Resident-Indian groom would fly to India to find a bride, take a big dowry, have a lavish marriage ceremony, have a wedding night, stay for months, would tell the bride’s family that he would call her once he gets a visa for her, and he would vanish. Now families are hiring private detectives for complete background checks on future grooms and brides.

          Even though divorces and second marriages are not common, they are only slightly frowned upon in Indian metropolises. Now wives are hiring private detectives to investigate their husbands. People are asking for pre-marriage checks for their second marriages.

          There are new areas of detection in India. Corporations are hiring detective agencies to spy on each other. There are few corporate espionage cases. Another new area on rise is ‘youth monitoring.’ (Detective dues) Drugs and pre-marital sex is getting common in India. Parents are hiring private detectives to investigate their children’s activities.

          Interestingly investigative journalists have used private detectives for years. I have not come across where Indian private detective solved or helped solve a murder case.


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