Women in Male-Dominated Professions_Rajani Pandit

Pandit was studying Marathi literature at Ruparel College, Mumbai, when she noticed one of her classmate’s odd behavior. Her classmate had started hanging out with the group of eight-nine boys. Her classmate was smoking, drinking, and going out with “wrong kind of boys.” Today this sounds no-big-deal but 1983 India, women barely wore pants.

          Pandit knew her classmate was a girl from a good family. She took upon herself to find the reason of her classmate’s odd behavior. One day Pandit followed her classmate to a hotel with the group of boys. She learned that the boys were prostituting her classmate. She lied to Ruparel College admission clerk that she was her classmate’s friend. She told the clerk that she wanted to send a gift to her classmate to get her classmate’s address.

          Armed with her classmate’s address and proof of her illegal activities, Pandit visited her classmate’s parents. She took her classmate’s father to show him his daughter’s activities. She even paid the taxi fare. Her classmate’s father was surprised that he asked Pandit if she was a detective.

          That was enough encouragement for Pandit. After she completed college, Pandit only worked on a temporary job for three months before she started her own company.

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