While in her temporary job, one-day Pandit’s woman colleague approached her with a problem. Rajni Pandit’s coworker shared her problem. One of her three sons was recently married and the couple lived in her house. She suspected her daughter-in-law of stealing her jewelry. But Pandit’s colleague was apprehensive of accusing her daughter-in-law.

Rajani Pandit_old photo with phone

          Pandit started surveilling her coworker’s house. She photographed one of her colleague’s un-married sons selling the jewelry. Pandit photographed the incident and showed it to her colleague. When her coworker questioned her thief-son, her thief-son explained. He explained that he had caught his newly married sister-in-law stealing the jewelry. He, the thief-son was selling it to save her sister-in-law and his brother’s marriage. Upon questioning from Pandit it turns out that the colleague’s daughter-in-law had caught the thief-son. The thief-son had begged the sister-in-law not to expose him.

          Following this pro-bono case Pandit decided to become a full-time detective. She realized that she didn’t need special qualifications or specific education to be a private detective. She knew that being a private detective requires hard work.

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