Rajani Pandit says, “I was the first woman in India to get into this field. People used to pass snide remarks and wonder if I chose to become a detective because I didn’t get any other work. ‘This is not a woman’s job,’ they would tell me” (Gupta).

          Pandit reiterates that it was difficult to be an Indian woman in men’s profession. Her father, a cop at the Mumbai, opposed her chosen path. He would prompt her that private detectives are men. Pandit shares that she is stubborn since her childhood. that this tenaciousness along with her mother’s support, helped Pandit propel forward as a private detective.

Rajani Pandit_with magnifying glass_The Better India

          After Pandit overcame the reluctance of her father, she still faced challenges from the Indian society. In 1988 Mumbai, after she had solved her first pro bono jewelry theft case, Pandit resolved to start her own detective agency. She walked to the Marathi Daily newspaper office to place a classified advertisement of her new business. The newspaper refused to accept and publish her advertisement. In my research, I can’t find the reason for this denial. It is safe to assume that it was sexism.

          Coincidentally sometime in the near future Pandit solved a case for the friend of the editor of Marathi Daily. Realizing his newspaper’s previous mistake, the editor published Pandit’s first interview in his newspaper. Following her interview, Pandit didn’t need to advertise, as her business grew solely from word of mouth.

          In 1991, at the age of twenty-five, Rajani Pandit became the first Indian woman to set a private detective agency–Rajani Pandit Detective Services in India.

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