In the year 2000, I moved from Mumbai to New Delhi to seek better projects. I scored a job with an architect I most admired. On my first day, I noticed that this famous architect’s office only had urinals in the restroom. When questioned, I was told that I was the first female he had ever hired. As an Indian woman, I salute Pandit for her resilience. After all, by the age of twenty-five, in 1991, she was an established private detective. While I research about her, I try to understand how Pandit coped with patriarchal Indian society. Was she unconcerned? Did she not fear? How she prompted forward?

          Rajani Pandit’s direct quote in The Better India article best reports her fearlessness. She says, “I was never scared of anything. I knew from the start that the one thing we are all afraid of is death. And that can come in any way. You can die while sitting in the living room if the ceiling falls, so there is actually nothing to be scared of.”

Rajani Pandit_leaning on car_Indiatimes Lifestyle Network

          Pandit’s vison is best explained underneath in an excerpt from her website:

“Each case had some experiences in store for me. I had read some years ago, ‘A detective is born, not made’. And this proved exactly right in my way. Intelligence is what a person cannot get by learning, but by life. No great teacher can teach you to think smart, act accordingly and solve the case. All naturally. Each day you get a new case; and in many of them, you have to play a dual role. Like a teacher and student both. Decision making as per the circumstance is very essential in the making of a detective. Any cases can ask you for a solution. Finding out if a school or college going student is going around in bad company, investigating about one’s pre marital life or snitching one’s extra marital affair, following a company’s performance or searching out a secret of a company; all are a part of a detective’s life.

Such cases can be experienced by a detective and the most important factor is guidance and so I have authored two books so as to channel detectives. I received awards for these books too. Different crisis occur in our society. Resolving them means approaching Rajani Pandit.

No crime can prevail where there is Rajani Pandit”

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