Pandit doesn’t read fictional detectives. “I’m a detective myself. I don’t need to read about them” (Nair). She emphasizes that unlike fictional detectives and their sidekick, real life detectives needs a network of people to be successful. Pandit has some advises.

          Pandit suggests that wannabe detective “needs a sharp mind and keen eye. And sincerity, of course, because people trust you with their secrets.” She has three pointers for detective donning disguises: one, never let anyone know “that you are acting,” two, be quick to think on your feet, and three, “never let your guard down” (Vasundara). Raaj Talele, a former colleague of Pandit, owner of Spyera Security and Detective, adds states, “Good detectives are good liars. And you can’t do that if you refuse to lie” (Nair).

          Pandit especially advises women detectives to be weary from visiting isolated areas and dingy bars at night. She cautions that female detectives can be mistaken for prostitutes. A madam once propositioned Pandit.

Rajani Pandit laughing

          Unlike her counterparts, Pandit prefers and seeks Mumbai police’s help. Partly because her father was a CID office and partly because she is known for her work. With a smile she says, “The cops read my work and take cues from them” (Nair).

          Pandit warns citizens, “In today’s world, it is wrong to trust anybody” (Vasundara). Once Pandit met a client who couldn’t afford to pay Pandit’s fee. The client suspected her husband of cheating. Pandit advised her client to disguise herself in a burka and follow her husband. Pandit’s client dressed in a burka, followed her husband to the beach, and saw him meet another woman. Pandit’s client walked right up to her cheating husband, lifted her veil, and slapped her husband twice. Pandit’s client later told Pandit, “You are the one who gave me the strength to do it” (Pandit). Pandit wants every women to be more courageous.

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