Since start of her detective agency in 1991, Rajani Pandit has solved a multitude of cases. Her detective agency receives plethora of cases—missing people, domestic disputes, company espionage, and murder. Yet her most common cases involve couples spying on each other and pre-matrimonial investigation. She has a staff of around twenty detectives and gets about 20 cases every month. I am unsure about the number of cases Pandit has solved. Few online articles report this number as 75,000. In the documentary India’s Love Detective, Pandit says 75,000 in Hindi (I think), whereas the English subtitles and the transcript of the documentary writes 7,500. I have no way to clarify this number.

Rajani Pandit_Certificate of appreciation_Rotary club_Mumbai_2005

          In her 30 plus years career, Pandit has solved from murder cases to pre-matrimony background checks. Pandit has unearthed love affairs of celebrities, located affluent families drug addicted children, and found missing people. But, nowadays, most of Pandit‘s cases deal in pre- and post-marital investigations. (Her new website is hosted by India’s most popular dating website–Bharat (India) Matrimony.) Pandit reports that due to easy accessibility of the internet in India, rise of social media like Facebook, and increase in online Indian dating sites, most people find it difficult to distinguish the truth. Hence, more and more Indians are relying on private detectives to seek out the truth.

          Most of the times, Pandit comes across similar type of case from different clients. Every client thinks he/she is the only one. Despite this, Rajani Pandit is not jaded; she says, “Nothing surprises me any more” (Pandit).

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