I explained in my earlier blog that there are absolutely no laws governing Private Detectives in India. These are private agents much like the Bounty hunter s in America, but un-answerable to anyone. Some private detectives follow their ethical and moral lines. They choose were to draw the line. Once a client asked Vivek Kumar, Managing Director of Globe Private Detective Agency, to install hidden cameras in women’s restroom. Kumar refused. He said, “I’m not in the business of making blue films” (Thomas).

Rajani Pandit, Private Detective in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India- ITI-3195073_ Paul Bhaskar

          Rajani Pandit proudly explains that she doesn’t give in to such qualms. She elaborates, “If the client wants proof, we use spy cams, bugs, and other such technology” (Thomas). She expands on her working process. She personally handles her clients from the beginning to the end. First, she talks to her clients in detail to understand their problem. Pandit informs that often clients invent problems and are suspicious without cause. In some cases, she advises her clients to seek professional counselling. Once she has to report the results of the investigation to her clients, she makes sure they are in right headspace to accept the outcome.

          In her sleuthing Pandit has donned numerous disguises. She admits that she would do “wherever it takes to solve a case” (Singh). She justifies not limiting herself to moral boundaries by, “I also try and support people through their tough times, give them courage, and inspire them to move forward. This way, I am able to do some social service as well” (Singh).

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