Every article that I read about Pandit, I find conflicting information about Pandit’s accolades. Yet, there are few consistencies.

          Rajani Pandit has written two books based on her experiences, Chehre Adche Chehre (Faces Behind Faces) and Mayajal (Phantasmagoria) I am unable to obtain the copies from anywhere.

          There are pictures of Rajani Pandit with numerous awards in the background. Most articles mention that Pandit has eight awards. Some articles state that two awards are for her books. But I am unable to locate any specific information about her awards. I am able to find information of one award. In 2010, Rajani Pandit was one of the ten Indian women to receive the Kiah Diamond Jewelry Woman of the Month award by Lux Sahyadri Hirkani Award, from Mumbai Doordarshan (the state-run television channel).

Lux Sahyadri Hirkani Award_Rajani Pandit

          In 2012, Indian director Dianker Roa produced the documentary Lady James Bond about Rajani Pandit. Right now, I am unable to find this documentary.

          In 2014, Pandit received the Investigation Professional of the Year during the 9th security skills & leadership summit from Central Association of Private Security Industry.

Rajani Pandit receiving CAPSI award


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