For months, I tried to find the videos of the documentary Lady James Bond. My hours on the internet were fruitless, until I found the website of director Dinkar Rao. His company Lavanya Entertainment WIFPA Mumbai produced Lady James Bond. In my frustration, as I didn’t have anything to lose, I called the phone number listed on the website. In the biggest fluke, Dinkar Rao answered the phone. We talked, rather I talked and he listened patiently. After our phone conversation, he sent the answers to my interview questions and a trailer of the documentary Lady James Bond. Rao tried to upload the entire documentary on Vimeo, so I can watch it but the file was too large.

Watch the trailer of the documentary Lady James Bond trailer by Dinkar Rao.


Thanks Dinkar Rao for helping me out. I hope that someday I will visit Mumbai and thank you personally. Underneath is my (Q) email interview with Dinkar Rao (D.R.).

Q: What prompted you to make the documentary, Lady James Bond?

D.R.: I was fascinated by the character of a Lady detective, in Mumbai and the first one.

Q: How long did it take to shoot and complete your documentary?

D.R.: Around 5 months, planning, shoot, [and] post production.

Q: What were the difficulties you faced during the making?

D.R.: Rajani Pandit was very kind and cooperative. Yes, the tracking of live people was frightening and tense. It is always a problem taking permissions for film shoots in Mumbai and we did not have them.

Q: How did you get funding for your project?

D.R.: A very tough work. In fact the most difficult aspect of documentary film making.


Q: Is the documentary available for public viewing? If yes, where can my readers find it? If no, when will it be available?

D.R.: I am trying to sell the documentary to public networks. So, at the moment it isn’t available for public viewing. In fact the whole film is 67 GB and it was very difficult to upload on any website for you to view.

Q: In few words, how would you describe your subject, Rajani Pandit?

D.R.: A tough woman.

Q: Can you share about your other interesting and future projects?

D.R.: I made a film Szoya the Black Widow, which faced tremendous problems from the Indian censor board. Another movie with an Indo British cast Papoo Photowalah is on completion. A third feature film Railway Raju, [which was] shot in Banaras was just completed. Other documentaries like Dancing Daughters, Sibba the drag queen, Jasmine, [and] The Tibetans of Mcleodganj are complete.

Q: Anything else you will like to share with my readers.

D.R.: Lady James Bond is very close to my heart. The job of a lady detective is very tough and not easy work.

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