Rajani Pandit with her awards

I have been called a god, Lady Durga [Indian goddess that has multiple hands and kills all the bad guys], even Lady James Bond, but I like to call myself India’s first lady detective.

-Rajani Pandit (Pandit, Catching cheating . . . love detective)

Pandit has earned the right to be arrogant. In 1983 when she started identifying herself as a private detective, Indian society didn’t take her seriously. At that time, most ex-military men acted as private detectives. Due to her gender, Indian society questioned her abilities.

          Pandit holds that because she is underestimated as a woman, it makes it easier for her to do her job. I agree with Pandit. I find that be in India or America, people find it easier to talk to a woman than to a man. On the other hand, as a woman, Indian society expects Pandit to have higher standards. She is reproached often that because she is a woman she shouldn’t be breaking up others’ marriages. Pandit takes pride in the fact that professionally she doesn’t think like a woman. Pandit is questioned also, “How will you know if the guy you are snooping on has a medical problem?” (Ram). I am unsure how Pandit handles this question, but I am sure she has a snappy reply.

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